The world is ever changing. The New Era is marked by these changes. The move of production from Asia to Africa (as the asian countries became just as expensive as the ‘first world’), THe birth of primitive AI, the development of Brain Emulation Technology (BET) allowing a mind to be recorded and transferred, the first generations to live with genetic engineering of humans, and lastly it has become the era of cybernetics.

Amidst all this change is yet more. In a blinding flash of light near the moon, and object was released toward the earth. This object however slowed it’s descent to the planet, indicating it was artificial rather than natural. Even so it struck the planet with the force of an atomic weapon leveling a pacific island. When government forces moved in they discovered the remains of an alien craft of some sort.

Having long abandoned space, the nations of the world had a renewed interest in space as they realized…

We are not alone.

20 years have passed since the world reached toward the skies once more. You are thrust into this world to make of it what you will.


The New Era